It’s time to play Rifgo!

This is for all my humans laid off this year, and there’s been a lot of layoffs – or RIFs as they’re also known. I’ve been through two in the past three years. Having some free time, I decided to create a “bingo” style card of the hilarious spin & decision making that often accompanies this ever-so-fun part of working at a start-up.

Here’s how to play:

RIFGO! is the newest and hottest game taking the start-up world by storm… and it’s so easy to play! Perhaps there’s rumblings of an impending layoff. But how can you be sure? Just play RIFGO! This non-stop, heart-pounding, soul-crushing game will have you in a deep existential depression in a matter of weeks, or maybe even days! Just observe (or do) any 7 of these layoff tropes (in any random order) and you win RIFGO!

Please share, print out, and/or leave on the desk of the HR personnel responsible for your start-up’s forced fun. Version without bingo-dots can be downloaded here.

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