The Whole Carrot

the lifestyle content site of Imperfect Foods

I was responsible for the creation, design and strategy of Imperfect Foods lifestyle and content site, The Whole Carrot.

Previous to The Whole Carrot, I identified that Imperfect Foods had a tremendous volume of blogs, recipes, editorials, and podcasts all living on various & disconnected platforms; the problem was that the user experience ended after the content was digested. Additionally, there was no SEO strategy, analytics, or organic referral mechanisms put into place.

Before executing a repository for Imperfect's content, I wanted to ensure a higher-level strategy was implemented to positively impact brand affinity and imperfect business goals.

I positioned The Whole Carrot as a soft-sell and introduction to the Imperfect Foods brand--this idea that The Whole Carrot would be a go-to for recipe and educational content while championing the company's sustainability and value propositions. By providing free and open content we would have the ability to not only surprise and delight existing customers, but to also introduce the brand to a prospect that might've organically searched for a kale smoothie recipe.

Since its inception of June of 2020 the whole carrot has well over 100k new and returning monthly visitors and millions of impressions under its belt.

All of the content residing on The Whole Carrot is proprietary and crafted by the in-house creative team I managed and directed at Imperfect Foods.

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The team: photography by John Bedell, styling by Irene Lee, copy & editor Meghan Proulx

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